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The Permanent Collection (formerly Invasive Species)

A play-in-progress by Tori Keenan-Zelt and Elinor T Vanderburg, developed with and directed by Portia Krieger. The play is an exploration of our relationships to the cultural and scientific institutions that framed the world for us. It's about why we loved the American Museum of Natural History as kids, but our kids think it's creepy (and now we do too). And it's the story of friendship between a white mom and a Black soon-to-be-mom in 2024.

The museum sorts us into categories: colonized and colonizers. How do we resist/transcend these categories?

Does the museum still need to exist? If we burned it down what would we put in its place?

The JonBenét Game

When best friends Molly and Rae were 12, they secretly played JonBenét Ramsey at sleepovers; 20 years later, in the wake of Molly's sudden death, her 12-year-old daughter, Hazel, knocks on the door of Rae's guidance office with their old playbook in hand. As Hazel and Rae slide back into the game, each navigates her own unresolved grief. The JonBenét Game explores the delicate, dangerous, and often grey space that true crime gives women to face their worst fears.

How the Baby Died

When the hapless, unemployed actress Stace opts out of her marriage, she becomes (rather suddenly) a live-in nanny for her best friend, his husband, and their newborn baby.  But then she gets the chance of a lifetime: an audition for a French horror theater. Hilarity, mayhem and Grand Guignol hijinks ensue with the only prop available. Baby, it gets bloody. A darkly visceral, absurdly comic play about parenting, pregnancy, and women's physical self-agency.



At 13, Ursa, Hannah, Linney, and Maeve live in their own world built of basements, secrets, loves, and backyard ghosts — until the last sleepover of the summer. High school looms, with the promise and threat of reinvention, and the group fractures as shifting beliefs and identities collide in a traumatic accident that none of them can explain. Four years later, questions and accusations fly as the survivors revisit the scene of the “crime” and try to understand what happened, what they have lost, and how to live now. 


In this contemporary reimagining of the Persephone myth, a nonbinary teenage goddess straddles her divorced parents’ realities until she meets a human girl and must define her own power to remake a ruined world.

What do we do when we acknowledge the generational cycles our parents have imprinted upon us?  Seph and Heather, Demeter and Hades, and the Fates who came before them all must face the now ruined world with the same question we face with today’s extreme temperatures and legislative attacks on reproductive rights: what do we do now?

Air Space

When Glory and Kyle try to flip a $500 house in an abandoned neighborhood, they discover that the evicted owners have been secretly living in a hollowed-out wall. A surreal comedy about what happens when a new generation tries to build something out of the broken pieces that another generation hasn’t finished with yet. 

The Egypt Play

Set in a fantastical version of 1880s Egypt, EGYPT PLAY is a dark comedy (with puppets) that probes a British widow's quest to throw off her oppressive life through tourism and asks how an individual can get her hands on freedom without swallowing others’.

Episode #121: Catfight

ATTENTION BAT FANS! You’re invited to a live taping of the derring dos of the Dynamic Duo! On this week's episode: As the graceful gals of our fair city prepare to compete in the hallowed Lady Gotham scholarship competition, felonious feline fugitive Catwoman sinks her claws into a plan that could unravel the whole ball of string. Can Batman and Robin make this cat stray, or will mischief and mayhem purr-vail? Tune in to find out. Same Cab-time. Same Cab-channel.


How to Be a Widow

How to Be a Widow

On a sweltering afternoon in 1864, two Civil War widows meet in a graveyard. Mirabelle is trying to paint a pineapple; Annaleigh needs to make sure that her husband hasn’t turned into a vampire. Together, the women begin to imagine the futures that might await them beyond corsets, lockets, and bullets.



A couple questions the gender of their baby and the implications for the future.

Times Square Tango

Times Square Tango

An unhoused teen faces off with a clown over a piece of prime sidewalk real estate.

Burning Lines

Burning Lines

George writes unwanted sonnets to Mady. She stabs him with a pencil.

How to Fly

How to Fly

A bird leaves the nest.

Everything You Were Looking For

Everything You Were Looking For

3 clerks create a musical without music.

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